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A World of Possibilities

As percussion is a global instrument, I offer performances of styles from all over the world. Whatever your program or event may be, I am interested in elevating the atmosphere. Performances can range from solo recitals and chamber groups to steel bands and drumlines. Common services include the following:

• Solo marimba, vibraphone, or steel pan

• Solo or group dance accompaniment

• Caribbean steel band

• Drumset for musical theater, big band, bebop, traditional jazz, rock, indie, salsa.

• Afro-cuban salsa band, rumba guaguancó, danzón

• Brazilian ensembles (e.g., bossa nova, samba batucada, choro, forró, pagode)

• Concert or orchestral percussion for large ensembles or musical theater

• Timpani

• New or contemporary percussion or mixed chamber ensembles

• Drumline

Please get in touch to see what I can do for you!

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